• Due to the high number of students and short amount of session time, only a percentage of blog posts can be published on Tech Times.
  • Posts are selected for publishing based on time of submission, clarity and how the content demonstrates the work happening in technology class.  In case the posts of two or more students must be considered, the post will be selected randomly.  However, favor will be given to students who have not been previously published.
  •  Part of the sixth grade curriculum involves small groups creating their own blogs.  In addition to this, all students can earn extra credit for developing personal blogs, with the user names and passwords given by Ms. T., and for participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.
  • Students may create posts in any form: written, audio, video, slide show, etc.  Please refer to the Blog Posts Rubric on our class website.
  • Regardless of whether published or not, students who submit posts  which follow the guidelines will receive class participation credit or a homework pass (if the post is submitted outside of school hours) in exchange for each post.
  • Posts must be submitted in the drop box on the Tech Times page of the class website, using our standard heading.  In case of internet outage, a form is available  in the lab for submitting handwritten entries.

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