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Social Responsibility in Journalism by Student #6.2.11

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Submitted on October 6, 2011

Journalists have the responsibility to be truthful. They shouldn’t publish something that could hurt someone or something that is unnecessary. They can’t get off topic and their spelling and grammar has to be correct. Their information must be valid. They should try not to put their opinions into a story.


The History of the Internet by Student #6.2.31

Submitted: September 14, 2011

I learned that technology has evolved from newspapers, radios, and movie reels to smartphones and a computer in most families’ homes.  It’s easier to share information, look up information and to connect through social networking. Today we can Skype with family members who live either in another state or out of the country.  For the future, I believe that newspapers, magazines, and textbooks will be extinct and the internet will become faster for people to use.

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Created by Student #6.2.31

Cyber Safety by Students #6.2.3 and #6.2.22

Cyber Safety by Student #6.2.3, submitted September 21, 2011

We learned about cyber safety today in class. I learned that you should never put personal information on the web. You also shouldn’t cyber bully. This means you shouldn’t post pictures on the internet that will offend a person or people. We got to watch a few videos and then make a comic strip related to that. What we learned was very infoming and I know not to give personal information out on the internet.

Comic Strip by Student #6.2.22, submitted September 21, 2011

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Life in the Future: 2049 by Student #6.2.16

Submitted: September 14, 2011


Prompt: On the technology website you read about two different boys from 1949 and 1999, and how media was used in that time period.  Now, write a composition about life and media of a high school boy in the year of 2049.  Remember to include different ways of how people in the future will get their news.  To view the other compositions visit

“Wake up!  Wake up!” Anthony’s cell phone chirped on the metal nightstand beside his bed.  He opened his eyes and glanced over to the graphic messaging device perched on his desk.  It was the perfect thing to use to remind him for things about school.  (Or so his darling mother said).  In bright scarlet letters it read Geometry Presentation-10:00 A.M.!  He stepped groggily out of bed and grabbed his paper thin laptop from the floor.  He slumped across the room and clicked off his built into the wall plasma television that his parents always called the Window T.V.  He’d accidentally left it on to the news station, and the irritating Barbara Kienel had been blabbering on and on about the new Stayton computer that obeyed every command to the sound of your voice.  He didn’t think it was very impressive; Anthony had a laptop and phone app just like it.

His phone beeped.  It was Michael, his best friend.  His text read: Hey dude, school starts in 10. See you online. He’d slept in too late! Anthony rushed into the bathroom and quickly dressed.  He rushed downstairs and hurriedly set up his equipment.  There were about fifty local advertisements cluttering up his message billboard.  After checking his email (six from Michael already that morning!) he checked his friend count on Facebook, and confirmed that his friends would be going to the recently remodeled IMAX Theater later in the afternoon.  He logged onto the school website, and Anthony connected his Bluetooth and checked over his PowerPoint on the comparison of shapes.

Just as he sat down his teacher logged on.  His math class was puny, only nine including the Miss Clark.  But thankfully, there were still seven other presentations that had to go before his.  He dreaded things like this, even though his fellow students would be watching the show and not him.  It was nerve racking.  As each project flipped into view on the screen Anthony checked his texts.  His dad was at work, using all the new gadgets to improve marketing.  His mom was taking his sister Megan to meet her new online teacher for the fourth grade.  Also, his mom left him a shopping list on the voice recorder on the fridge.  Then, he tried to Google the new mp3X player that was coming out in May, but the results were only for private viewing.  Anthony spent most of his time online, everyone did.  Whether it was shopping on EBay or finding info for school others were always there.

Miss Clark’s voice startled him out of his thoughts.  It was his turn.  “Open file,” he commanded.  “Play the presentation numbered thirteen.”  Anthony couldn’t help but feeling proud of his work.  His dad had access to some of the most modern computer software, so there were a lot of reasons that it was set apart from the rest of them.  When it concluded, his instructor kept that same neutral tone that always hid her emotions for the group, but Anthony could tell that she was pleased.  They finished the lesson with a practice test for the major unit assessment that would be coming up in a few weeks.  All they had to before the session the day after was read the next twenty-five pages on the website or on their Nooks.     

Anthony and his friends settled on meeting at the Old Italian Restaurant on the corner by the theater for lunch at 2:00 P.M.  They decided on a pineapple sausage pizza with extra cheese, and plenty of lemonade.  The place was so old fashioned, with old stereos and brick ovens; it was an awesome place to hang out.  As the movie they all had the unanimous vote for the new Transformers.  And the good thing was none of their conversations were interrupted by phone calls, because they were all in the same place!  All the walls inside the theater were covered with small T.V.s that had commercials rolling 24/7. 

He wished that they could do it more often, but there was so much to think about and not enough time just to be with friends.  He needed a whole separate section of his phone just for soccer schedules and reminders.  Plus, school and all the other things a person has to think about… UUAAAGGH!  But, he did see most of them online, and few of them were in the town sports program, but it wasn’t the same as it was when they all went to a public pre-school together.  But, they were lucky to have online high schools, and info available for work, and texting, emailing, and everything else like that to communicate.  It was all created to make life easier.  Plus, Anthony could probably never be able to live without it!  It was how he lived.  It was how the time was.  It was about mp3X models, iPods, cell phones, recorders, organizers, and the internet.  He had no clue how other people got along in the past without the advanced technology.