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The History of the Internet by Student #6.2.31

Submitted: September 14, 2011

I learned that technology has evolved from newspapers, radios, and movie reels to smartphones and a computer in most families’ homes.  It’s easier to share information, look up information and to connect through social networking. Today we can Skype with family members who live either in another state or out of the country.  For the future, I believe that newspapers, magazines, and textbooks will be extinct and the internet will become faster for people to use.

graphic organizer

Created by Student #6.2.31


Edmodo is the most valuable free Web 2.0 tool I have found to date.  I can hardly believe it is free (let’s hope it stays that way for a very long time)!  Not edmodo logoonly does the website help to keep me growing and developing as a teacher, it has an amazing paper-less system on which classes can communicate and share documents.   The interface is secure, easy to navigate and similar to the latest popular social networking sites, such as Facebook.  I plan for us to use Edmodo as our virtual classroom this school year.

Given a special code, you can easily sign up for an account and automatically connect with the right group.  You will be able to post and comment among your schoolmates, share links and documents, and submit all of your assignments on Edmodo.  This makes it possible to receive timely feedback from me, including comments and grades.  Edmodo is compatible with mobile devices, so you can set it up for use on your phone.  If we use Edmodo successfully this year, maybe our school or even the district will consider signing up for is own free Edmodo web address!

A note to teachers:
The active (and quickly growing) teaching community on Edmodo has opened my eyes and mind to countless ideas!  I have found tons information about the latest educational research, trends, and tools.  In addition to twelve subject-specific communities available for collaboration, there are over forty leading digital content publisher communities on Edmodo including: Buck Institute for Education (BIE), Discovery Education, GlogsterEDU, Khan Academy, and Smithsonian Education.  Another great feature of Edmodo is the option to view it in either English, Spanish or Portugues.

-Ms. T.

Flag Counter



In preparation for the upcoming school year, I have joined the Teacher Challenge on Edublogs. This is a free professional development program to help teachers increase blogging skills and connect globally with other classrooms. I observed Feedjit, ClustrMaps, and Flag Counter, on other participants’ blogs.

I think that Flag Counter is the best–it takes up a small bit of space, it is colorful, and very educational. Once the map is clicked, Flag Counter has options for viewing the number of visitors in chart/graph form and detailed information, from CIA-The World Factbook, about the visitors’ countries.

This widget will inform us when people visit our blog and from what part of the world.  It is located in the sidebar.

-Ms. T.