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Inside Technology by Student #7A1-2

Submitted on October 6, 2011

In  7th grade Technology class we are learning many things. Our ultimate goal is to design a Technology classroom.  First, we learned about CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) and OSHA (Occupational and Safety Health Administration) and how they are important in designing our classroom.

classroom seat layouts


Next, we learned about scaling. It is important to know how to scale up and down when designing our classroom. After, we learned how to use Excel to design a budget for the construction of our classroom. We are currently working in groups to write about different kinds of technology in an average classroom. So far Technology has been a really fun class!


Seventh Grade Happenings by Student #7A1.1

Visit to learn all about scaling!

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Math in CADD by Student #7B1.11

three-dimensional house

Click on the image to go to the Scale City website.

Math is used in CADD because when you have to design things on the computer using CADD , you need to use addition, subtraction, divison, multiplication, and scales. If you don’t have math skills or know how to do certain things in math, then it may be hard to do technology, or CADD. I don’t think I would have been able to do this scaling activity, involving CADD, if I hadn’t researched it. But it was really fun to do this project and learn more about CADD, and scaling.

Seventh Grade Happenings by Student #7A1.07

This Voki was created by a seventh grader.  It is the first student post to our class newsletter.  Congratulations 7a1-07!

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