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Quantity of People by Student # 8A2-14

This marking period in Technology, we made a P.S.A (Public Service CrowdAnnouncement). My group’s P.S.A was about cyber-bullying. I learned, in this class; editting, filming, camera shots and a little of acting. My favorite camera shot was the MTV shot. I also learned how to use my time wisely. The main difficulty my group encountered was the quantity of people in it. This is mainly the branch of our other problems. Over-all I enjoyed this class and it is unfortunate that I won’t be able to have it next year because I will be in high school. Thank you!


Technology by Student # 8A2.1

iPad Template


Hi, my name is Bill and I have been in this technology class for over a month and I’ve learned a lot. In technology class I learned how to create a PSA. A PSA is  a video created to inform people about certain things. My PSA was about cyber bullying. We believed it was important to inform people about bullying because it is a serious thing. Hopefully our PSA showed people what bullying can do to people and how it affects them. I fully believe that this interactive learning experience is important and was very fun to be a part of.

Tech Blog by Student # 8A2.9

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