Eighth Grade Happenings by Student #8B1.3

Submitted September 27, 2011

In our technology class so far, we have learned a lot about computers and the history of technology.

First we learned a lot about the history of television and how it has changed

TV Camera Icon

Image: OpenClipArt.org

over the many years it has been popular.  When television was very new, even the smallest televisions sold for a lot of money at that time period.  We also learned about the human eye compared to the eye of a camera.  In some ways they are very different but in a lot of ways they are the same.

Commercials are usually a nuisance to us because they waste our time but what makes them this way?  Why are some commercials more enjoyable than others?  In class, we learned that commercials have to grab our attention and either make us laugh or somehow keep our attention. We also learned about copyright and how there are very important laws to keep our ideas from being stolen.

So far technology class has been very fun and enjoyable.  This class is a very good topic to learn about.  I hope I enjoy the classes I have remaining.


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