Used in conjunction with DropBox, I am sure FileStork will prove to be a veryfilestork logo valuable tool.  This gives students the ability to upload files securely directly to my DropBox account.  I have created different codes.  So, although the clip art is the same for all three grade levels and the special blog dropbox, the files submitted to each are sent to appropriate folders.  Be careful to use the correct drop box (but don’t worry–as long as you use our standard heading, I will still be able to find your work)!

I like FileStork, because it allows me to sign in with my DropBox information, rather than to register for yet another program.  Also, it is wonderful how FileStork sorts everything into neat folders.  An added plus–students do not have access to each other’s submitted work.  DROPitTOme is a similar service.

My concern is that all of these wonderful free apps will eventually begin charging, even for basic accounts.  That could wind up being quite costly for people like me, who have invested so much time and material.

What do you think?  Where is the future of free Web 2.0 tools heading?

-Ms. T.


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